Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Walk on the Beach in winter.

My post yesterday explained that I have been looking at a number of works and have decided to finish or take them back under the paint brush.

 This is another. I was quite happy with the start of it but felt it could happily take more interest. It has been sat in the corner of the studio until this week. I have now worked on the sky added the birds and the figures.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Painting of the Nunney Castle visiting Carmarthen.

It is often said that a painting is not finished merely abandoned. Well it is quite true. I get to a point and think that's okay but I will look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. I go back and look at it then I ask Alex. Alex is not an artist but I trust her views implicitly. She will often say this is wrong or it needs some work here ...or she may say perfect!

After that the painting is generally allowed to dry and during that time I may look at it and think, "If I started that again I would do this or that."It is a good way to improve your work in any case. I am my own harshest critic but not necessarily in a negative way.

To get to the point a few paintings have been around the house that I have been looking at and thinking I must alter that ...This is something of a big decision if they are framed. They are generally inset in foam mount board taped to a double mount. They are then put in a glass fronted frame and have waterproof sealed backing that is also taped. The tape is not your general masking tape and will ruin a board pulling it off. Now the biggest issue is that it is Alex that will have to re-frame it! I don't take these decisions lightly!

Anyway I decided I had a bit of work that could be done to improve the above painting of The Nunney Castle visiting Carmarthen. I moved the crowd away from the smoke box to give a clean contrast with the yellow of the shed. I improved the lettering on the smoke box ie. B80. I worked some glazes into the engine itself. I changed the colour of the sky to emphasise the smoke. The sky had been grey. I also added mor contrast in the ballast in the foreground. The painting had been fine but now I am very pleased with it. It is likely I will keep the painting.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Painting of Winter in the Towy Valley

I finally got around to framing this painting today of Towy Valley in the winter. It shows St. Davids Church Abergwili and Merlin's Hill in the distance.

I  enjoy looking at paintings and feel an artist should be paid their worth for the work involved. I have always been happy with what I have received for my work. However lets be honest how can a painting be worth £350 million pounds? Our values are pretty screwed really.  Leonardo da Vinci was a genius but is a painting allegedly by him worth that? I can't say I would want a print of it on my wall or even the original! Anyway I am sure he would find the funny side of it.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


This is an old painting of Molly at Hay on Wye. It has been around for ages, mainly on my wall. It is a bit unwanted and never found an owner. There is also a sad story about Molly herself which I won't go into here.

Anyway I decided ruthlessly that I needed the frame for another painting which has sold. Although I am fond of the painting, room dictates that eventually I will probably dispatch the painting itself.

Friday, 10 November 2017

A break in the clouds over Paxton's Tower

This is an old painting done in a slightly different style to my usual. It shows Paxton's Tower in the Towy Valley and is sold.

This last few weeks have been pretty quiet. That is not unusual at this time of year and I can't complain as it has overall been a good year.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Universal Colliery

The above painting was a commission.  It is a painting of the terrible mining disaster at Universal Colliery, Senghenydd where 440 men lost their lives, 14th October 1914.

I was commissioned to do by a descendant of one of the miners who survived the disaster. I struggled to find a view showing both pit heads but eventually managed to work out the relatvie positions. The image of the woman waiting for news was one taken at the time.

I have been down a mine and crawled along a coal face and I have nothing but respect for those who worked in those terrible conditions. It is not something I could do or could have done.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Howards End

We were watching TV last night when a preview came on stating that "Howards End" was coming on in the near future.

"Alex, Oh good that hasn't been on for a long time. They must be doing a follow up series."

I looked at her puzzled for a minute and then laughed,

 "You're thinking about,"Howards Way the boat business on the Solent with Kate O'Mara."
(this was last shown in about 1990!).

She then said, "Oh no you're not going to put this on your Blog?" 

Would I?

Anyway the picture above is of boats in Saundersfoot Harbour, seems appropriate. I can't remember if it sold or it went in a clearout.

Link Howards Way